Perfect Loans For The Summer. Now So Cheap That It Is Worth Taking

Record-breaking loans for holidays this year are offered by most banks, and several loan companies have decided to significantly reduce the cost of cash loans with a special installment option for holidays. Low interest rates meant that all Poles have more opportunities to take a record cheaper vacation loan without income statements.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia – a unique place for holidays and holidays. Where is it worth taking a vacation loan?

Installments of cash loans are up to 22 percent today. lower than at the end of 2012. All thanks to low interest rates in Poland. The consequence of this is the fact that loans for holidays and more have started to be cheaper, and since 2015 their prices (total cost of credit: including commission, interest), are record low.


An example of a vacation loan?

An example of a vacation loan?

At the end of 2017, a popular holiday loan in domestic currency for 10,000. PLN, interest rate was 8.99%. and you had to look for him well in order to receive him in one day without income certificates. Then pay back for the next vacation for 12 months. The average installment was therefore about PLN 998 – according to GetMoney’s estimates. Decrease in monthly installment credit for the same amount, hence 10,000 PLN for 12 months compared to last year clearly began to decline. Currently, the average installment of credit for holidays in the amount of 10 thousand. PLN 12,125 for 12 months. Compared to last year, holiday loans have been significantly cheaper. Taking a vacation loan this year in the amount of PLN 10,000 for 12 months, we will pay less by about PLN 92 per month.

All those who are going on holiday this summer, the banks tempt with low interest rates – from 3.99%, a 0% commission, a low RRSO debt, very convenient repayment terms, simplified formalities for loans not exceeding PLN 20,000 and fast access to cash through immediate transfer to the borrower’s account at any bank.


Where to look for a good vacation loan offer?Where to look for a good vacation loan offer?

Our list of credits and loans for holidays shows what the best loan terms can be counted in reality. You can compare 18 of the most attractive cash loans in 16 banks and 38 of the most attractive online installment loans in 27 loan companies.

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